BALTATZIS John, Biographical Note.

John BaltatzisJohn Baltatzis, Agronomist-Agricultural economist, formerly Director of the Ministry of Agriculture in Greece, has lived in Brussels since 1976, where he worked as the Agricultural Counsellor of the Greek Permanent Representation and later for the Directorate General of Agriculture of the European Commission.


  1. He writes Christian messages and sends them free of charge to anyone who would like to receive them. His messages are available in Greek, English and French. If you would like to receive them please write to the following email address: Jean BALTATZIS, or his web site:
  1. He has read and recorded the whole Bible on tapes during the sixties, which later he converted into audio-cassettes. Then, they were converted and edited into MP3 audio files by Angelos MARGARITIS. They are available on 2 CDs and DVD (one disk).
  1. Since 1992, he produced the entire Bible (the Vamvas version of the Greek Bible Society) in cooperation with the Online Bible, Canada, and with the technical support of Athanasios Karabasis, in floppy disks, then in CD-ROM and later in CD, DVD and on the Internet, in three versions: Polytoniki or Multiaccent (MGreek), Monotoniki or with one accent (MGreekM) and Unaccented, without accents (MGreekU). These versions can be downloaded free from the following sites: and/or Later, the two versions Monotoniki and Polytoniki have been included in the site of Costas Stergiou.
  1. Also, in a newer version, Angel Margaritis has added to each verse of the above-mentioned Monotonic (MGreekM) the corresponding verse form the Bible read by John Baltatzis. Thus, he created two audiovisual DVD accompanied by a background of beautiful images (two DVDs in the form of ‘slide show’). Then, this edition was converted into video in the context of the program
  1. Those who are interested can get free of charge these CDs and DVDs from Angelos Margaritis from his e-mail address: Angelos Margaritis or from his web site:


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